Idol, The

Résumé de l'intrigue

A young boy in Gaza, Mohammad Assaf, dreams of one day singing in the Cairo Opera House with his sister and best friend, Nour. One day, Nour collapses and is rushed to the hospital where it is discovered that she needs a kidney transplant. Nour leaves Mohammad with a dying wish that someday, he will sing in Cairo. Escaping from Gaza to Egypt against unbelievable odds, Assaf makes the journey of a lifetime.
From two-time Academy Award® nominee Hany Abu-Assad, comes this inspirational drama inspired by the incredibly true story of Mohammed Assaf, winner of ARAB IDOL™ 2013.


Qais Atallah
Hiba Atallah
Ahmed Qassim
Abd-Elkarim Abu-Barakeh
Tawfeek Barhom
Dima Awawdeh
Ahmed Al-Rokh
Saber Shreim
Nadine Labaki